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We have won against the money, the army and the Power

in Front of the party headquarters of the UDPS in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is an atmosphere that can be used as a mood. Sunday

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We have won against the money, the army and the Power

in Front of the party headquarters of the UDPS in the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is an atmosphere that can be used as a mood. Sunday morning, on a stage, a Band plays on a small Stand the first Beers to be sold. In addition, a cleaning makes use of force from the channels and meadows free the Central from the plastic waste. Since Thursday, the supporters celebrate in front of the party headquarters in Kinshasa, now its election victory in the presidential elections. It is something like a spirit of optimism, a feeling which has prevailed in the past decades, very often in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is so. On the trash-exempt lawns wide dealer in your Ceilings, on which a key chain and a laminated calendar with the image of election winner, Félix Tshisekedi. Over his head the year 2019, including he is introduced as the new President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Congo is a lot in the past decades and centuries, only democratically, he never was. The country was in the 19th century. Made century by king Leopold II of Belgium in his personal colony, an Empire as large as all of Western Europe, he himself has never visited. He let the people, the limbs chopped off, if you are not alone to death, worked on his plantations.

The border between the Opposition and the government is in the Congo, often fluently.

On the Belgians, Mobutu Sese Seko, regarded as the inventor of the kleptocracy, and in the three decades of his reign, good evidence provided, among other things, a jungle Palace with the runway for the Concorde. After Mobutu, the Kabila, the father, then the son came, a thief gave the other the Jack to the Golden palaces of the country.

Now it was for the first Time, the voters, have determined at the ballot box, that there should be a change of power. Almost 40 percent voted for Félix Tshisekedi. It was a fight, the result of which seemed to have been entitled to: namely that everything remains the same. It came different.

election result raises hopes

"I'm still in ecstasy," says Danny Kabeya and makes a very serious face. He sits in the courtyard of the party headquarters at a plastic table. Kabeya presents itself as a Protocol person in charge of the UDPS, has received in the past few days the many well-wishers who wanted to see the new President. The trailers have painted congratulated each other, and in the most beautiful of images, such as your country will soon look like this: The Congo with all its natural resources could be so much and yet so little for the vast majority of people. Now everything will be different. "We are where we wanted to be. We have won against the money, the army and the Power," said Kabeya and smiles a bit.

however, The question is whether Joseph Kabila is really past. Or if not everything, what happened, the outcome of the election, the mood of optimism, a staging, a feint Kabila.

Africa has the youngest population of all continents, but the oldest leaders, many govern for decades. You can stop this, is not only due to the age-growing Stubborn streak, but above all to the question: What happens to me afterwards? The dictators want to keep their wealth and legal persecution, not to protect, if you are in the office. The best guarantee you can get, if you just stay even in the office.

"Kabila stole the people's choice."Martin Fayulu

That was at first, Joseph Kabila's Plan, only to him, the Constitution in a way that does not allow for third term. So he wanted to make it look like Vladimir Putin, a man of straw in the elections to the races send to back to after a break your self back to the top. Only Kabila and his man of straw, were odious to the people extremely, they got so little votes, that the Plan itself was not to be saved by Faking and Cheating. The variants A and B of the power maintenance were failed, Tshisekedi could well be a variant of C.

Perhaps Kabila, the first dictator in the recent African history that has forged a choice in favor of the Opposition, at least for the benefit of that part of his opponents, the mean for him the lesser of two Evils. If you ask the supporters before Tshisekedis headquarters to such allegations, they cry out: "This is witchcraft." And there are angry looks, a small amount is formed.

"Kabila stole the people's choice," says Martin Fayulu. He sits in his office, before him on the Desk, neatly arranged, two mobile phones, the Constitution of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, a small and a large Version of the election program, in addition, a folder with meticulously abgehefteten columns of numbers. A loud evidence that he is the true winner of the presidential election. The tables show 60,23 per cent of the vote, as his vote share. And only 19.04 percent for the alleged winner is Tshisekedi. But from Kabila's point of view, he is, Martin Fayulu, the greater of two Evils.

a Lot of points to election

In many African countries was the announcement of the election result is not the endpoint of a democratic process, but only a stage. First election, then the election and then tussled about how credible the result is. Finally, everything is a compromise and post-close haggling is completed.

However, Martin Fayulu said, this game will not give it to him. He has columns of his papers with the numbers and Evidence brought on Saturday to the constitutional court, to complain about the choice.

40'000 election observers

The Congolese Catholic bishops 'conference, perhaps the only credible and independent Institution in the country, had sent 40'000 election observers and on the basis of the individual polling stations posted the results of a clear victory Fayulus calculated. Also France and Belgium to see it in a similar way. The US, the UK and Germany called on the UN security Council to the publication of the detailed election results. The are all still there, says Martin Fayulu. The election Commission would just give out.

The border between the Opposition and the government in the Congo are often fluent, the System Kabila secured his Power not only by brutal oppression, but especially by the fact that it was bought by the Opposition, there were Items or money. Members of the UDPS of Tshisekedi were from Kabila to Prime Ministers, changed just the bearing. It could be a way of the now supposedly elected Félix Tshisekedi. Before the announcement of the election result, its consultants, with whom Kabila met in order to allow a smooth transfer of power. The accusation is that a Deal was offered: You can be President if you let Kabila and his people in peace.

winner of the off the grid

In the election campaign, Tshisekedi had promised a renewal of the Congo, a clean break. After his alleged election victory, he praised Kabila and announced that it plans to put the past to rest. Then he showed up. His supporters say he'll hold talks in Béatrice Hôtel, a building with many glass panes in the vicinity of the old East station. Many soldiers stand in front of the entrance, they carry machine guns, and blocking the access. "We watch our commander-in-chief," says one. It looks rather as if the state had swallowed Tshisekedi.

"He has no power, Kabila will use it," says Martin Fayulu in his office. He'll get money and a little Power, too little to change the conditions a bit.

The supposed winner, Tshisekedi owes its popularity mainly to his father, for decades the leading figure of the Opposition was in the Congo and in 2017 in Belgium, died.

"I am proud that we have forced Kabila from office."A young man

Martin Fayulu was rather unknown, as he went into politics. About twenty years he had been Manager at the Oil company Exxon: "I must nothing be. I have money, I have my wife and my children. I have my life," says Fayulu. "I'm just about to make the country better."

to say That in the Congo, however, all politicians for generations, Fayulu his opponents credit, he marched in the demonstrations against Kabila's always in the first row, he was beaten up by the henchmen of the regime, and his life continued, while the other opposition candidates was to often see nothing.

"I'm proud of the fact that we have forced Kabila out of office," says a young man. 29 years old, he, be, he says, and his first name was Hegel. He tells of how he and his comrades demonstrated against those, and that he pursued as one of the 40'000 election observers of the Church the ballot. "I am a follower of Fayulu and also believe that he has won. I don't know whether we should start a months-long battle. Hegel says that he is like so many in this country full of ideas, but he's got no Job, spend the time to wait, until finally, something changes. "The outcome of the elections is not perfect, but it is a first step in the direction of the future," he adds. More riser is currently may not be possible in this weary Land.

(editing Tamedia)

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