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Column | The attack of the white males

The presenter Fernanda Lima was linchada on social networks for end editing of your program Love & Sex on the 6 of November, in the television Globe, with the speech below. It is better to read it comma by comma, because the amount of people that comment, judge and condemn without even reading it has multiplied more than cockroaches. And, sometimes, with the brain of a. Fernanda said:

MORE INFORMATION Bolsonaro want to deliver the Amazon in Brazil, the revenge of the resentful

“Call it crazy, the woman who defies the rules and does not conform. Call it crazy, the woman full of eroticism, of life and desire. Call it crazy, the woman who resists and does not give up. Call it crazy, the woman who says yes and the woman says no. No matter what we do, call us crazy. As we get fame, we're going to kick us in the bed. We're going to sabotage the gears of this system of oppression. We're going to sabotage the gears of this system, homophobic, racist, patriarchal, sexist and misogynist. Let's take to the fire the straitjackets of the submission, tyranny and repression. We are going to set us free to all of us and to all of you. Our fight is just beginning. Get ready because this revolution has no return back. Are we going to sabotage all of this?”

The program had been recorded in July, as she stated on the social networks, but immediately a horde of followers of Jair Bolsonaro, the Social Liberal Party (PSL), interpreted the speech of the presenter as a manifesto against the choice of his “myth”. How is it possible? It is quite possible, and even foreseeable. If the presenter is calling on women to fight against the homophobia, the racism, the patriarchy, machismo, and misogyny (hatred of women), and the electors of Bolsonaro are offended and respond to what they consider to be a personal attack on their leader, it is because they understand that the president-elect defends and proclaims the homophobia, the racism, the patriarchy, machismo and misogyny. They understand it very well.

If Fernanda Lima invoked the public to combat the subjugation, tyranny and repression, and the electors of Bolsonaro are offended, it is because they understand that Bolsonaro —and also them— defending the submission (of women, of the community of LGBTQIA and black people), tyranny and repression. No novelty. Those who report the project's authoritarian Bolsonaro already knew. Unlike the part of the electorate of the deputy professional, who opposed him believed in the violence that Bolsonaro spread publicly for almost 30 years. He believed in what he said. Exactly believe it, millions of people fought against his candidacy. By the way, this is another feature of these elections: a part of voters said they did not believe that their candidate would do what it said it would do, and that's why we voted. What is difficult to understand? Yes.

So perhaps it still might surprise you is that a horde of people lynching verbally to someone for defending fundamental values of civilization, which already seemed to be consolidated, such as the fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and tyranny. But we have come to this level. And we will surely continue down much more. We're not even close to the bottom of the bottomless pit.

1) When the “slip-ups” annoy

One of the more rabid with the struggle of Fernanda Lima against sexism responded to with the elegance and respect that characterize a part of the followers of Bolsonaro, made in the image and likeness of the “myth”. As well, the singer Eduardo Costa is revealed to say: “More than 60 (sic) millions of brazilians and brazilian voted to Bolsonaro and now this moron comes up with this leftist discourse! You can be sure of one thing, the choriceo is going to end, the string always peta for the weaker side and the weaker side today is yours. How is that this lady only makes programs for all potheads, thugs, leftists defeated and those projects of the artist such as her?”.

That being left means also combat the tyranny, the sexism, the racism, the homophobia and the misogyny, I agree. It is quite honorable. But I doubt that a part of the right do not share these same humanitarian values basic. There is a right which I suspect might be offended by having section of these values. But where is it? Silent as a nun who has taken a vow of silence.

Those who do not make a vow of silence are the pastors of some evangelical churches, but not all, definitely not all. Knowing his faithful, deputy Marco Feliciano said in the press gospel with the safety of your audience will only read what he said, not what She actually said. And your audience never disappoints. Then he lied: “In one of his last presentations, (Fernanda Lima) vociferó critical ferocious and deceitful to the president-elect Jair Bolsonaro. His speech reflected a hatred that is evident and a lack of respect towards the majority of the brazilian people, among which there are many of its viewers, with a language of revolutionary clandestine, as if he were speaking from some cave in Afghanistan”.

Read again what I said Fernanda Lima. How can you be offended Jair Bolsonaro? How can you compare the dependencies of the chain Balloon (!!!) with a cave in Afghanistan? So that we can have a dialogue, maintain minimal affinity with the facts. Although it is known that Bolsonaro defends the racism, the homophobia, the sexism, the misogyny, and tyranny, have different ideas is not to offend, just disagree. In this case, only to fulfill the law, for racism, for example, is a crime. Without counting that Bolsonaro was never mentioned in the program, recorded long before the first round of the elections.

But the address of Feliciano, a pastor who has already been accused of attempted rape and has alleged that black people are descended from an “ancient cursed by Noah', is not surprising. What is surprising is that “report” that someone is against the oppression of women and racism. Does your evangelical doctrine is, please? Feliciano can be what is and be accountable for what he says and does to justice, but may not treat their behavior as if it were the right way to act in a society. This is the madness of the moment: addressing behaviors antiéticos and immoral, some of them foreseen in the Penal Code as a crime, as if they were the correct way to act, or as if the choice of Bolsonaro would have sufficed to tear the Constitution and defecating in the Criminal Code.

Days after the attack to Fernanda Lima, two manifestations of white men and old clarified a little more the current brazilian landscape. (To leave it explicit from this point on, anyone who reads me knows that I defend strongly the old-age and critical expressions such as “third age”.) The two white men and old have voices that canden reverberate far away, one of them also has microphone and granting of television. But they both have trajectories quite different. However, in this time of many old news, approaching in the thought.

Silvio Santos is not “funny” or “controversial.” Is a stalker, and also racist

The first is Silvio Santos. On live television, the presenter and owner of the chain SBT, to receive the singer Claudia Leitte, stated that do not embrace it. “This thing, to give hugs excites me and I don't like to be excited,” said the presenter. Surprised at the lack of respect, Claudia said: “In the good sense of the word, isn't it? Of joy, euphoria, excitement”. Silvio, obviously, lost the opportunity to redeem himself in public: “No, no, it is not euphoria. It is excitation of truth”. And the camera focused on the legs of the singer, to make it clear to the millions who saw the program that he left it to her boss so sexually excited.

Silvio Santos is known at least by two features: make the ball to all governments, dictatorial or not, so shameful, and believe that harassing and offensive to women is an acquired right and the “politically correct” is not what you can remove. By the way, this expression is the most hated by people like him, because they believe that it is unfair to have to curb their instincts in the name of coexistence and the respect of others. In July, the owner of SBT, made the following comment with regard to Fernanda Lima: “With those legs so thin and that face of flu, would not be neither love nor sex.”

In an interview in the chain Bandeirantes, Fernanda replied: “Silvio, why don't you shut up?”. He said that it is not callaría. Then, Fernanda has used its social networks: “The body of the woman is not a public domain where you can put your hand into, to assess, to invade, to use, attacking. Let us continue firm and together building a great coat of protection to all women against any male violence”. The clash between the host of Love & Sex and the alpha males of the tv is not new, as can be seen. For a woman to talk about sex and love to millions of viewers it seems that affects masculinities unsafe.

In the program, Teleton, in 2017, after the performance of a group of ballerinas XXL, Silvio called one of the girls to interview her. Came out with this: “you Are very funny. Even if you are the only black among the white, you're pretty. It is a beautiful truth!”. It is likely that you think to recognize the beauty of a black woman, even with so much white around it, is a praise, which is already quite impressive. But he is a specialist in worsen things even more: “Whoever marry you will have two pleasures: one at a time to give joy to the baby and the other when salts of the above”.

Silvio Santos should have already responded for all the times that you have broken the law to live, before millions of viewers, in prime time, from long ago. But there is a growing number of people that just find it “funny”. And that they believe that all this is only “normal”. These people normalize what they could never be considered normal does not realize that these examples —and impunity— have an impact on the everyday acts and are rooted in the social relations, stimulating crimes against the body. Or yes we are aware of it. And that is why I support it.

Carlos Vereza is offended with the exposed body of “ugly women”

The manifestation most surprising wine of the actor Carlos Vereza. During the civil dictatorship and the military (1964-1985), was seen as one of the most active artists and committed against the oppression. He is also considered one of the most brilliant actors of his generation. The Elector of Bolsonaro, made the following statement, in an interview to the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo: “the One thing I don't understand is why, in any protest, they have to undress. Bodies are very ugly. (...) Are ugly women, with hair under the arm, belly. The protests have to be with jeans and a Lacoste shirt. And not naked”.

Clear that Vereza is much more sophisticated as they spread their aggression. But the statement is quite violent. For him, only women with a certain standard of beauty have the right to show her body in public. At the same time, reverberates a lie widely spread by WhatsApp. The last big demonstration organized by women was the movement #EleNão (He does Not), on the 29th of September, against the authoritarianism that represented the candidacy of Bolsonaro. No one was undressed in that protest. But, in WhatsApp, supporters of Bolsonaro disseminated images of other protests, some not even made in Brazil. As televisions desisted from doing journalism at the time, with a minimum coverage of the demonstrations, it became “truth”. There were even images of women, breaking religious symbols, which is not what happened in the movement #EleNão.

Carlos Vereza does not refer by name to the #EleNão, but we can suspect that, as elector of Bolsonaro, you can refer to the largest protest against its candidate in the elections of 2018. Although it does not relate to that protest, and although some women were naked, and why is the female body used as a political expression, it would be so offensive? Perhaps because, for Vereza, the female nude is only legitimate if it serves for the enjoyment of man, as it has been for so many centuries (and still is in many places)? Perhaps because it would have to go through a selection coordinated by Vereza for you to tell us if our body is good enough to expose it without offending your sensibilities? Why is there this need to attack women disqualifying your body?

And, then, comes the phrase more elitist: “the protests have to be with jeans and a t-shirt Lacoste”. For those who do not know, Lacoste is a French brand, face, and their most famous product are the poles. Is that of the crocodile, that so much pirated the street vendors. What Vereza is saying is that the protests are for men, who tend to get more poles than women, to people dressed in designer clothes, brazilians who can afford to pay. The protests, therefore, would not be for the poor, according to the actor who was a symbol of resistance against authoritarianism.

2) The polarization marked by gender and race,

I do Not think that this matching of voices is just another of the attacks that women suffer from so long ago. The choice of Bolsonaro, whose phrases that disparage the women are already very well known, has exposed the hate —and fear— of a certain type of men, who suffer by losing their privileges. Even the privilege of being able to harass a woman without the bottle up. And it has not been uncovered only among its constituents. It has been uncovered in a general way.

The difficulty of losing privileges gender brand to both the right and the Grandbetting left, part of it is also sexist, misogynist and homophobic. Traversing several social classes, and also races. Sometimes, the only “privilege” of a poor man is feeling superior to the woman and be able to harass all you want freely. Only that, if that is understood as a privilege, you begin to understand that it is not a privilege. It is inequality and violence. It is unacceptable.

The new feminisms have the strong brand of the growing prominence of black women

This learning has been captured with the historical struggle of the feminists and, more recently, movements such as #primeiroassédio first (harassment), in Brazil, and #MeToo, in the united States, like that Or A Least, that spread throughout Latin America. The recent advances of women, with the emergence of young feminists and the birth of new feminisms, with the strong mark of the growing prominence of black women, pointing to this moment. No other movement has been so strong and has made so many conquests in the last few years as women.

Bolsonaro also reacts to that. Never admit, but he and his followers are afraid of the “slip-ups”, a term that used to explain how he had a daughter woman after four men. Bolsonaro is a male uncovered, that disguises their ignorance of “sincerity” and “authenticity”, which is proud to be able to say any shit, simply because he is man and it is white. It is a male that defends with ferocity its place at the top of the food chain. The president-elect, mostly by men, but also by many women, represents a lot of people, even those who don't confess that, at this point, it feels secretly avenged by him.

The offensive against women is not collateral or secondary in the elections of 2018, as it may seem. Is central. In my opinion, the great mark of these elections is the gender, race, and social class. As showed the research of THE COUNTRY, in the first round Bolsonaro won in the ten richest cities in the country, and Fernando Haddad, the Workers Party (PT), won the ten poorest cities. As is known, in Brazil the majority of the poor are black and the majority of the richest are white. In the survey Ibope in the second round, commissioned by the chain of tv Globo and newspaper O estado de S. Paulo, Bolsonaro won a lot among men (54% to 37%) and trailed by little among women (41% to 44% that got Haddad). The survey was conducted on 26 and 27 October, the eve of the elections, with a margin of error of 2 points and a confidence level of 95%.

The candidate of the extreme right also gained much among the most educated (53% versus 35% Haddad) and lost a lot among the least educated (36% vs. 54%). The populist also lost of a lot between living up to one minimum wage (32% compared to 56% of Haddad) and won a lot among who charge more than five minimum wages (63% vs. 29%). The candidate authoritative also won a lot among the white (58% versus 31% Haddad) and trailed slightly among blacks (41% versus 47%).

This is the polarization that reveals quite a bit about the current time of the country and on the weight of the identity struggles in these elections. It is not the only determining variable, but, without doubt, is one of them. Religion, as had already become clear, it is also a key variable. According to the same poll by Ibope, if among the catholics there was a technical draw of the candidates, among evangelicals Bolsonaro won with a difference.

women are not a generic: Bolsonaro lost more between the black and the nordestinas

3) women are the main opposition to Bolsonaro

The great opposition to Bolsonaro —and also the most visible— is represented by women. But you have to remember that women are not a generic. Bolsonaro lost more among black than among white, and among the nordestinas that between the South and Southeast. The regional division, which had already been made clear in the 2014 elections, is another important indicator of the partition of historical Brazil.

The largest rally organised by women in the history of Brazil was #EleNão, which put hundreds of thousands of people in the streets on the 29th of September. #EleNão was also the greatest manifestation of the elections of 2018. The protest was against Bolsonaro. And started a page of Facebook —Women United Against Bolsonaro— created by Ludmilla Teixeira, a woman in northeastern Bahia, origin peripheral, and black.

to Deny the centrality of this women's movement in opposition to Bolsonaro and the authoritarianism that it represents, in the elections the more complex of the brazilian democracy, obeys the same logic as sexist, chauvinist and patriarchal that the president-elect represents. A party of the left “blamed” rapidly the movement #EleNão by the increase of the intentions of vote for Bolsonaro. Intellectual smart wanted to forget other variables and also that the policy is not a moment but a process.

Excluding the #EleNão, the brazilians refused to Bolsonaro would have little to tell the world about it, and neither could say that they made an opposition consisting of the project's authoritarian power. The #EleNão was the main movement of resistance to Bolsonaro and, in a moment so polarized, he managed to unite people that until then they didn't even speak, much beyond the political parties. Tried something transgressive in a context as precarious: that it is possible to live with differences and fight for what is common.

How does Fernanda Lima in this story? She, as sudista, so white, so blonde, a model of beauty so standard that perhaps would approve of or even the rigorous criteria of selection of Carlos Vereza, who do not want to see “bodies of ugly” on the streets. When he started Love & Sex, in 2009, possibly as many expected only the excitation (within the meaning of Silvio Santos), a woman young and beautiful that spoke of sex with little clothing. Fernanda showed that you can discuss about sex with intelligence and candor, without becoming a cliché of magazine “female” or a Barbie for the consumption of men. With a good address and a good team of editors, Love & Sex is a program that was becoming more and more interesting.

Especially in the last two seasons, the program has been able to interpret the political moment of the identity struggles and has led to the need toyou the set. But not only by the mouth of Fernanda. The presenter of the white and heterosexual has been able to understand his “place of speech”. She has shared the microphone and the program has become a space to reverberate multiple identities of gender and race. And has done so in a moment in which other voices, especially that of evangelical pastors neopentecostales and his caucus in the Congress, negotiated power and public resources from ideas such as that there is only one type of family, that of a man with a woman, or that homosexuality can be “cured”, as if it were a disease.

Fernanda Lima arouses the hatred of the bolsomachos because it has not been converted into a

be the object of desire of the men of the country, the Fernanda that did not reify happened to be hated by a part of the male national, and nationalist. Not only spoke of sex without being for the enjoyment of men, but also condemned publicly the sexual harassment. By sharing the microphone with other identities of gender and race, the presenter, in a way, became a traitor of your race and gender, in a country marked by racism and homophobia, which also now has a president overtly racist and homophobic.

Fernanda Lima could only be the mother of the family that some would consider “perfect”. Has a husband, also white, blond, and handsome, and twins also white, blond and handsome. They are ready to pose for the magazines of the heart, a thing that also make. But Fernanda refused to play which for many was his best role, or the sole, and used the space he had conquered to discuss other possibilities exist in this world. The electors of Bolsonaro's called “asshole” precisely by not being the “jerk” that they expected that it would. If it were “moron”, the cliché of the “blonde-foolish”, the bolsomacho would be scratching the belly of satisfaction, because I would think that everything had gone back to his site.

4) Dilma to Amelia, Marcela Fernanda

Fernanda is exactly what has not become “beautiful, demure and of the home”, as he described the wife of the president Michel Fear, of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), in a profile of the magazine Veja. The uproar that caused the young blonde wife of Michel Fear has yet to be studied better. Sold it as a character of propaganda of a fridge from the 60's, but many of his admirers, in speaking of it, they sounded like characters in a novel serial story-like distortion patriarchal and spicy. Who is in reality, the public does not know.

The husband of Marcela betrayed its companion of list, Dilma Rousseff (PT), the first woman president in the history of Brazil, which was vested in the hand of your daughter and not of a husband. Fear, the vice-conspirator, was released as president by an impeachment, with a ministry entirely white and male, as if Brazil were still in the Republic Old (1889-1930).

The displacement of the place of the woman, the first woman president, the role of maximum prominence of a country, the first lady classic, the shadow behind the “great man”, is not a fact either. The script of the impeachment has many faces, one of them is the expulsion of the first woman that took power in Brazil by the betrayal of the ethics of a man who was a subaltern, and by the immorality corrupt a Congress composed mostly of men. The tragedy culminated with the declaration of the then deputy Jair Bolsonaro by voting for the impeachment: “To the memory of Carlos Alberto Brilhante Ustra, the dread of Dilma Rousseff...”.

At that time, no one would contend that, just two years later, Bolsonaro would be elected president. Maybe its the way the victory has already begun there, with the intersection of the torture during the dictatorship suffered a woman, the president with his vote helped to expel from the place for which he had been chosen, and the apology to a torturer. When nothing happened after the speech criminal and sadistic Bolsonaro, when the impeachment without justification consistent was accomplished, the brazilian society crossed a limit and for which we do not know if there is turning back. At that time, the impeachment ceased to be an instrument provided for in the Constitution. Bolsonaro made it into a new episode of torture for Dilma Rousseff. The institutions contemporizaron with the crime, and/or were inhibited, demonstrating that there were at the height of the democracy.

During the electoral process, another victim of torture, was attacked by the followers of Bolsonaro. Again, a woman. And, again, I don't think that sex and gender are a match. To Amélia Teles, the hero of Bolsonaro first he commanded him to arrancaran clothing. After, inflicted electric shocks on the breasts, the vagina, the anus, the navel, the ears and inside the mouth. In another room was her husband, were also tortured. Would go in a coma from the beating. When Amelinha had already urinated and vomited, the military commanded to bring their children: a little girl of five years and a child of four. The child did not recognize his mother, how he had disfigured the torture. “They'll only recognize you by the voice,” he recalled much later. The girl asked: “Mom, why are you blue?”. Only then Amelinha realized that the bruises had left his entire body blue.

In the second round of the election campaign, at the request of the team of Fernando Haddad (PT), Amélia and her daughter recorded a statement for the political programme on television, to explain what they lived. To the point, the followers of Bolsonaro promoted a lynch-mob in social networks: they invented that I had cut to pieces two soldiers when he was part of the resistance to the dictatorship. They created a fiction that the victim would be the torturing and murderous. Invested and subvirtieron reality. And threatened to kill him. At 74, it was as if Amelia was tortured once more. The judiciary, which did nothing with regard to the apology to the perpetrator of torture committed by Bolsonaro, this time censored the voice of Amelinha, banning the program. The precautionary measure that fell gave the judgment of the magistrate judge Luis Felipe Salomão, Superior Electoral Tribunal, with the justification that the program was promoting a “distopia simulated”.

The torturers reserved “techniques” special for women

the statements of The tortured in the dictatorship reveal that there was a sadism, particularly in the act of inflicting suffering to women. First, many of them were raped. Or is. Sexual violence was used as a torture. Another “technique” was normally put cockroaches and rats in the vagina. To recount the torture they suffered during the regime of oppression, the journalist Miriam Leitão reveló that the torturers put a boa constrictor living in his cell, turned off the light and left her there. The president-elect, Jair Bolsonaro, commented on the occasion: “oh, the Poor snake!”.

The shocks on the breasts, the anus and the vagina were normal. Many women, as Crimeia Schmidt, tortured even while pregnant. Sister of Amelinha, Crimeia gave him a beating the own Ustra. I was seven months pregnant. Ustra pulled her out of the cell by the hair and started giving him slaps in the face. The was dragging by the broker, without stop to hit. He fainted and when regained consciousness, was already in the room of torture, all orinada. That was just the first day. In the following, Crimeia the tortured the team of colonel. Ustra just entered the room of torture to give some slaps and he was going to. This is the man that inspires Bolsonaro and whose face stamping the t-shirts that their children and followers wore during the election campaign, without which the judiciary believed that it was a problem.

hatred of women who dare to leave the place that they were intended has emerged with all its force at this time, after being suppressed in recent years by the “politically correct”, that Bolsonaro and his followers so despise. Fernanda Lima is just the white more recent. There will be many others. After the episode, a website announced that Globe had decided to cancel the program Love & Sex, when it ended the season. The reason would be the “low ratings”. The followers of Bolsonaro roared in enjoyment. It is what happens to women who are faced with the “myth”, vociferaban. It has not been officially confirmed.

5) The silencing of Marielle Franco

When does a state of oppression? When do I install the exception? In The story of the maid, the excellent tv series based on a book of Margaret Atwood, appears a dialog on this issue. “But when did all of this?”, question the character. And the answer: “it Happened gradually and we did not realize it”.

For those who haven't seen it, The story of the maid is the work that more reflects the time of Brazil, and part of the world. If you have only seen the first season, don't miss the second. Submission (Alfaguara), the much-talked-book of the French Michel Houellebecq, is another work that today makes a lot more sense than yesterday. Both in the series as in the book, the oppression of women is the basis of the regime led by men. Power is exercised from the control of female bodies, sex and reproduction. Good fiction only improves with time, because it is able to kind of echo what you just mumbled into the corners of the reality.

In Brazil, the abyss, dug several mutes

There are many firsts for the emergence of authoritarianism represented by the choice of Bolsonaro. One of them is the decision of the brazilian society and of the institutions that are part of silence the crimes of the dictatorship, leaving you to punish the murderers, torturers and kidnappers of the regime that oppressed the country for 21 years and abdicated produce brand and memory. At that time, democracy became corrupted and began to spin in false. Another beginning, this was crucial to the victory of Bolsonaro, was silencing to the apology to the torture, in full parliament, by linking to a torturer, Ustra, with the torture of Dilma Rousseff, in the past and in the present.

The third start, this time definitive, was the murder of the councilor Marielle Franco, of the Party of Socialism and Freedom (PSOL), the 14 of march of this year. Black, lesbian, and raised in the favela of Maré, in Rio de Janeiro, Marielle reverberated a multiplicity of voices until then silenced. In the legislature, represented various peripheries that were advancing on the center. Then quieted down, with four shots in the head.

The shocking impunity of the crime, without a solution from eight months ago, with a research populated of strangeness and censorship, is another silencing. In the symbolic sense of the forces oppressor who moved in these elections, the execution of Marielle can be considered the opening act of the campaign of 2018. Later, some followers of Bolsonaro pluck the plate from the street of River that the homenajeaba. Days later, opponents have distributed a thousand plates with the name of Marielle.

The abyss lived in Brazil as they dug out several mutes. In particular, the silencing of women's voices; in the case of Marielle Franco was literal. The best way to deal with oppression that infiltrates from the everyday life, in small acts and small withdrawals, day after day a little more, is to talk. Seal@s. men and Women who love women: “no one drops the hand of anyone.” We don't know when it will end. But the end of what has only begun —or continued— depends on the size of the resistance. And the ability to give meaning to words by the middle of the debate and the confrontation of ideas. Brazil can no longer tolerate silences. How to deal with oppression? Refusing to silence.

Eliane Brum is a writer, reporter and documentary filmmaker. Author of books of non-fiction Coluna Prestes – o Avesso da Lenda, Life Ninguém vê, Or " da Rua, Female Stream, Meus Desacontecimentos, and of the novel Uma Duas. Web site: E-mail: Twitter: @brumelianebrum/ Facebook: @brumelianebrum

Translation: Meritxell Almarza

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