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So the relevance of the Three-minute brushing rule in the teeth

1. How is tooth decay?

dental caries is a disease in which the hard substances of the tooth are removed. Four factors have to come together, says Florian Way home from the clinic for restorative dentistry and Preventive dentistry, centre for dental medicine of the University of Zurich. "It is teeth, bacteria, sugars, and a certain period of time, the bacteria convert the sugar into acid needs." The acid attacks the Tooth by draining minerals like calcium and phosphates. This process is not stopped, the result is a hole in the Tooth.

2. How do I stop tooth decay?

To fight cavities, advises the dentist Florian way main: Use fluoride-containing toothpaste to make the teeth more resistant against acid attacks.

regularly Remove the plaque called the Plaque, the bacteria.

you can Reduce the sugar consumption. This applies not only to sweets but also carbohydrates, such as pasta and white bread. Their strength consists of multiple sugar.

Try to find the time of the acid attacks are not limited to, by distributed over the day Sweet to eat. "A single attack, the body can fight off," says the dentist. "Many attacks of the day, he is overwhelmed."

3. Today, there is less dental caries than in the past?

Since the beginning of the 1960s, caries in young people in Switzerland has decreased by around 90 percent. A number of measures had helped, says Florian-way main, the head of Preventive dentistry at the University of Zurich: "brushing with fluoride toothpaste, the fluoridation of salt as well as the dental prophylaxis in schools and dental practices".

4. I need to brush really minutes, to remove the dental plaque?

"It is on the Teeth," says Florian way main. "A child who has only three teeth, of course, must clean is not the same length as an adult." The three minutes but a good rule of thumb. So, it has been shown in studies with adults, that it becomes difficult to remove in less than three minutes the whole Plaque. Is cleaned twice a day, morning and evening after meals.

5. What's worse: brushing your teeth in the evening or in the morning to forget?

Both is not recommended. "After dinner, the bacteria have all night to produce acid," says Florian way main. Add to this, that in the sleeping, less saliva is produced. This neutralizes the acid. In the morning, Clean omit, has its pitfalls: "overnight, the bacteria multiplied and then during the day feed in the Form of sugar."

6. Dental floss helps to prevent tooth decay?

In children and young adults, there is little space between the teeth, because the gums are still healthy. There can settle hardly caries bacteria. But with age, the in-between spaces to grow and to provide space for tooth decay bacteria. Therefore, it is useful, between the teeth, floss or use inter-dental brushes to remove the plaque. In this case, the gums should not be hurt as much as possible.

In Switzerland have little children much caries, and many children have no dental caries: A child cleans the teeth. Photo:

7. People who brush electric have less tooth decay?

Not necessarily. "There are patients who have, for decades, with a manual toothbrush-brushing and no tooth decay," says dentist Florian way main. "And then there's the, the clean, electric, and still, holes get." Nevertheless, it is in the science is undisputed that the cleaning with an electric toothbrush does something better and faster.

8. Need children's fluoride in the toothpaste?

In Switzerland, recommend dentists, from the first Tooth with a fluoride-containing Children to brush toothpaste. There is currently much discussion among experts, even about whether or not you should increase the fluoride content in toothpastes for children under the age of six. Because it has been shown in studies that low levels of fluoride concentrations in toothpastes are less effective. However, fluoride is not free of side effects: Too high amounts of fluoride can lead to white spots on the teeth. Florian way main the fluoride content in the popular Children's toothpastes high enough. "In Switzerland, little children have a lot of caries, and many children have no tooth decay," he says. "I doubt, therefore, that the broad mass is in need of a higher fluoride content in toothpastes."

9. Dental hygiene helps to prevent tooth decay?

Indirectly. In the dental hygiene tooth is removed the stone, so a mineralized dental plaque. At its edges, bacteria can grow well, because the surface is rough. Thus, the risk for tooth rises, inflammation of the meat. "It therefore makes sense to let the dental stone regularly to remove," says Florian way main. In dental hygiene, the teeth can be controlled in addition to caries attack, so that early action can be taken. How often dental hygiene is displayed, depends on the condition of the dentition. "Some come three times a year, others once."

10. Some people are more susceptible to caries?

There are heritable factors that increase the risk, such as misalignment of the teeth, which make it difficult to Clean, low saliva flow or soft enamel. "In most cases, it is up to the oral hygiene, whether you get tooth decay," says Florian way main.

In the initial stage of caries for the layman, not visible: A woman from the dentist examine. Photo:

11. Caries is infectious?

caries bacteria can be transferred, for example, when the mother licks the pacifier of the baby. "However, this is not a big deal," says Florian way main. "In each of us, sooner or later, caries bacteria in the mouth." The Problem you are, if you eat sugar-rich and/ or the teeth are not well-dressing.

12. How will I know early on, if I have cavities?

"at The beginning of the time of the dentist," says Florian way main of the University of Zurich. Only when white spots occur on the teeth, caries visible. "In the caries minerals from the tooth enamel is detached, the colors of the affected areas will become brighter." These white spots are often seen only when the Tooth is dry, so when the dentist extracts in the control of the saliva. Only at a later stage it comes to larger holes in the teeth that lead to tooth pain. Caries is detected early, can be prevented the formation of holes in the Tooth.

13. How is tooth decay treated?

Previously it was in the case of caries quickly the drill and made dental fillings. Today, the dentists interfere less. "In the beginning stage, it is often sufficient, high-concentrated fluoride varnishes to seal the Tooth," says Florian way main. The affected areas can be remineralized and decay is so often stop. Tooth decay goes deep, it is nowadays just as much removed as is absolutely necessary, with a drill, or sometimes a Laser. Then the Tooth is sealed with a filling.

14. Which fillings be recommended?

Usually, dentists use fillings today plastic composite called. They have a similar color as the natural Tooth and the fillings are therefore more aesthetic than the previously used amalgam. These are used in Switzerland for decades, hardly more, since Amalgam has because of its mercury content a bad reputation. Although, as Florian way main says, the Material is scientifically considered to be good. "No study has shown that the mercury in the Amalgam in connection with diseases or complaints," he says.

15. How long will the plastic hold fillings?

by the time the composite wear out fillings, as well as healthy teeth. "But there is no exact expiration date," says Florian way main. It is to remember the task of the dentist or dental hygienist, whether a filling needs to be replaced. "The Patient realized this late," says the dentist. "Usually only when a part of the filling breaks off."

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