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The woman has wronged me never

For the duration of the Interviews has not changed Felicitas of love mountain your office phone in the Munich-based Piper publishing house, only their little son lets loose: First, he plays "Angry Birds" on the iPad, then he attacked the recording device by the reporter – without success. His mother remains cool, focused, loving.

you were a woman with only 34 Literature Director at the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), the first. It was difficult for them to be superior?
"literary boss" – that sounds so significant. In truth, the literary editorial Board of four, five people, each of whom has written what he thought was the right stock. I have not made any announcements. Anyway, the people there are so good that only the better Argument counts.

Nevertheless, there are situations that require authority.
In the FAZ, there was only one authority, and was co-editor Frank Schirrmacher. He had both, in most cases, the better Argument, and an extremely keen sense of Power. He knew how to care for the feeling To pass out.

"That you as a normal person for a bunch of worthy geeks also love a Freak, I realized only later."

What was it?
An inexhaustible curiosity, and impartiality, free from any Spies. Schirrmacher was interested in everything, but was never judgmental. I never had the feeling that he has me encouraged, because, or although I was a woman. I owe him a lot. And still, I've always thought: no, this is the kind of boss who plays with other games, I would never be.

The FAZ has a very masculine and conservative editors. How lonely you were as a 23-year-old editor-in-chief?
I felt as a Foreigner. But not because I was a woman, but because I thought: What I do as a normal person under these highly intelligent, brilliant nerds? That you as a normal person for a bunch of worthy geeks also love a Freak, I realized only later.

you Have become the victim of sexism?
Also, I've been thinking lately, because it is now almost comical, if one says: I've never been a victim of sexism. But in serious cases I have not actually experienced.

"I don't know if I would be as a man today where I am."

may have been acting in anticipatory obedience?
It was sure that I wanted to meet expectations, but that goes for every young people who wants to succeed. I would even argue that it never hurt to be a woman. I don't know if I would be as a man today where I am.

Before you were editor, were you in the conversation, to be the first woman in the editorial circle of the FAZ appointed. What it failed?
Oh dear, I had feared that they appeal to the. We say so: at one point, I was sitting in front of a powerful man who said: "a woman of love mountain, I find that a nice girl like you should do such a Job." And Yes, if you like, this one Time it happened to me. Today I'm not happy, the Job would have been the Right thing for me.

"I-I was brash, quick-witted, and I have not taken anything personally."

you have not yet with the influence of literary critic Marcel Reich-Ranicki rich worked together. What is your relationship to him?
From the start, a good one, because I have broken the ice. At the beginning he let me his skepticism feel, according to the Motto: Oh, because of the high well-born lady comes, she can show what she can do. I can certainly understand if somebody like Reich-Ranicki it is absurd, when a 27-year-old editor should edit his texts.

How did you react?
With a sense of Humor. I was naughty, quick-witted, and I have not taken anything personally. That impressed him, I think. There's a lot of it was Frotzelei, there are sentences, which do not go today, were sure, but I found this never bad, rather entertaining.

do you Have an example?
We were sitting at an award ceremony side by side and listened to the speeches, as he aufseufzte suddenly deep and his Hand on your knee put.

How did you react?
I let you lie. Afterwards, said a colleague, I told him a slap in the face to miss, but I had the feeling that it was going to me.

"Maybe I had to defend myself, never, maybe, I have not felt inferior, maybe I'm Fighting out of the way."

what is it?
To something Deeper. There's this old man who has experienced egregious sits, and beside him he can feel the energy of a young woman. I have neither as a pickup Line is interpreted as a sexual Assault, it felt more like he would hold on. At the risk of sounding weird, I would have found it pompous to say that he should take his paw off of my knee.

Many will accuse you of this restraint.
I feel it now and long in me an indignation searched, but found none. I believe that there is Talk between a man and a woman a mysterious and hard-to-define scope for interpretation, at least as long as you communicate at eye level. And for both important. I'm a little concerned that the naturalness between men and women is lost.

you Have mixed, therefore, never in the #MeToo debate?
don't get me wrong. I admire feminists. To fight their battles, this is a quality that to get so long on the table until something changes. I can't mitbrüllen. Maybe I had to defend myself, never, maybe, I felt at crucial moments not inferior, perhaps, I went to Fight out of the way.

""Felicitas, you can take everything you can get sick or have an accident, but what is in your head, that belongs to you forever.""

you have a noble name, and studied at Oxford. Did they grow up privileged?
Not so much in material terms, but certainly by the values that I live by my parents, by their love to art, music, literature , nature, good food, socializing – more privilege is hardly possible, and of which I cherish till today. My father has always said: "Felicitas, you can take everything you can get sick or have an accident, but what is in your head, that belongs to you forever."

you grew up between animals and books.
Yes, I am become as a single child in the country is large, the neighboring children in my age there was no, for horses, dogs, cats and many books. I read often, Astrid Lindgren, Karl May, in the adolescent Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy. I'm afraid I was terribly precocious.

What three books would you recommend to Donald Trump?
Marcus Aurelius ' "meditations". He could ask whether the office shapes the Person, or whether it should be the other way around. Keyword: "not Verkaisere!" With Raskolnikov from Dostoevsky's "crime and punishment" he could wander the hell of self-overestimation. And "The Report of the maid" by Margaret Atwood would force him to finally get a female perspective on it.

"I see people who are quite developed, so mentally agile, sensitive, like, sensitive."

The cliché says: men want more than women, are narcissistic. You can see this train in your authors?
not at All. Every author, whether male or female, wants to, otherwise he would not write. Who expressed, a longing to be seen.

How important are precipices in life?
A pretty male out of the question! Very important, but I think for men more than for women. Because you may have fallen into its depths so wonderful.

Frustrated by the idea that you are excited about something, maybe it will play in 50 years?
ever Since I can remember, I imagine people as trees, straight and strong, the other bent and wind-whipped. Of course, the most Important thing is the root, i.e. the Foundation. Me the crown, its density, the branches always ends filigree'm fascinated all the same. I like people who are fragmented, so mentally agile, sensitive, sensitive. I think that people who read, have extremely a lot of these branches. To answer your question: Yes, when I think that there are sometime the only people who consist of a solid stem, without the branches and twigs – Yes, that bothers me.

(editing Tamedia)

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