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I pout, therefore I am

Only minutes after the announcement of Karl Lagerfeld's death on Tuesday morning was flooded Instagram of condolences. The dismay was huge, and yet it was in t

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I pout, therefore I am

Only minutes after the announcement of Karl Lagerfeld's death on Tuesday morning was flooded Instagram of condolences. The dismay was huge, and yet it was in the midst of the rapidly rising concern current, such, mourned by no means. Votes, asked instead, why no one actually say that Karl Lagerfeld defamed the women regularly, and the singer Adele, for example, once "a bit fat". It was offensive and am convicted.

like So irreverent of the act, it fit. Because to be offended, has become the people's sport; anyone feels today, always belittled, underestimated and hurt. It is flared up right competition about who is allowed to call itself "the hurt", because it is not only sensitive, it is highly sensitive, especially when it comes to a self. In the United States, the speech is due to the collective sensibility of the "Generation Snowflake" – i.e., "snowflakes", because the are so delicate and fragile.

The student's howl was so loud that you died horrible death in the General somewhere else, occur let.

in fact, it is not a matter of sensitive young people up to 30. The "snowflakes" are long everywhere. In the past few weeks, the men were offended because of a razor blade advertising, and because masculinity was identified by the American Association of psychologists as toxic. The Sadomaso scene felt discriminated against because the animal has made a protector with the Slogan "No animal Lust to be tormented" advertising. In Germany, the vegan community was in a Huff because the TV chef Sarah Wiener on her Facebook had posted this page a critical article about the composition of almond milk. In England, the working women without children were outraged, because, according to an investigation should not be you, but working mothers, burdened the most. Lara gut-Behrami is always offended again, if not the request is in accordance with reports on you.

And almost every Semester, get to any University student except, because of unpopular Speakers to be invited, for example, U.S. General David Petraeus at the ETH Zurich in 2017. The student's howl was so loud that you died horrible death in the General somewhere else, occur let.

At universities is the conflict prevented

There is already a Verb for this kind of Protest on the part of the students, who want to feel the mere fact that someone has a different opinion, offended and, therefore, an appearance of this unpleasant Person to prevent a "No-platforming" – someone with no stage. Or, in other words: someone prevent, not to Express views that conform to their own view of the world. Because that is hurtful. And apparently justification enough to demand a speech ban.

So it goes, of all places, at universities, not to the academic discourse of speech and counter-speech, not a debate or an argument, a competition for the best Argument, or simply a listening. It's not about curiosity, or openness, or the willingness to expand their horizons. It is simply not the content – but, above all, feelings.

Hyper-sensitivity has become a unique characteristic to a desirable character trait, which is worn like a Banner with your chest. And in whose name, from the outset, any criticism is made impossible, in the sense that Only that you call me sensitive, don't hurt me, I will talk to you, you ruffian!

helicopter parents don't vaccinate your children

That since then, the term "micro-Aggression", surprised: Even the most harmless comment can be hurtful and a whole group, you discriminate against so small, it doesn't matter whether it happened intentionally or not, it is crucial that someone feels hurt because of that. Or could feel.

Responsible for the Celebration of the chronically quivering indignant lower lip, and the rampant häutigkeit is Snowflake, the Generation of Thin. So the up to 30 years young adults, who lashed in the Suva-approved child seat with a helmet on the head and sun protection factor optimized clothing in the daily Back - and-Herchauffieren in the SUV of their parents, especially with the way you are got: as unique as fragile. Just like snow flakes.

conflict disabled children of the baby boomers

The term comes from the 1996 novel "Fight Club" by Chuck Palahniuk; in the eponymous film adaptation of Brad Pitt says: "you're nothing Special. You're a flake not cute, and unique snow. You're biomass, the rotten – as all the others." The term existed already before; in the seventies, so that disparaging white men were considered, or black men, the party functioned white. And even earlier, in the middle of the 19th century. Century, it was a Nickname for those Americans who were of the inferiority of Black convinced and against the abolition of slavery, opposed.

the term was Popular but, ultimately, by Palahniuk. Starting in 1999, he crept slowly into the everyday language – mostly used by the Right made about the sensitivity of the Left or their Insistence on political correctness is funny. "Snowflake" was used as a swear-word in English so notorious that it has been included in 2016, officially, from the British Collins Dictionary. It was "young adults of the 2010s-years, which should be considered as less resilient, and faster tend to be their feelings hurt than previous generations," was the Definition.

To Life under the influence of educated

basically, but not very flattering-described young adult can't help it. The renowned Harvard Professor and author Steven Pinker about, recently explained in the "Telegraph", the growing Hyper-sensitivity to the political correctness is to blame, because the damage now more than they use. And he no longer takes the parents of the "snowflakes" in the obligation, and specifically the baby boomers, who have protected their offspring against all the wrongs, so long and so much, until he conflict is now operational.

The same conclusion also Greg Lukianoff, and Jonathan Haidt in the end of last year published book "The Coddling of the American Mind". Lukianoff, a lawyer, and Haidt, Professor of psychology at New York University, are deeply concerned about the growth of a Generation that is so verzärtelt that she could no longer deal with Low - or setbacks, too fragile to deal with the adversity of normal life done, Yes, that because of misplaced sensitivity to a whole Generation of right to life incapability to be educated.

After the election, Donald trump is the only sobbing

it was The reactions to the book were, of course, offended. In the process, Lukianoff and Haidt do not doubt that young people in the United States as in Europe and Switzerland have actually struggled more with mental health problems, they make them by no means Simulantentum – the two authors see the rise in disorders, rather, the proof of your Thesis: that the lack of resilience and lack of frustration outer tolerance in Overload with all the bigger and smaller problems, which brings life. Who feels already a different opinion as an Affront, by the slightest criticism, hurt feels, and the world in Good and Evil divides, who has not learned to compromise or to bite on the teeth, it's hard out there in the world.

In American universities, there is already the "Save Spaces", in special rooms, in which the faint hearted with like-minded people can retreat to the disturbing Comments of others to expose. Before some literature lectures, triggers are issued "warnings", not by a violent scene in a novel trauma would be triggered. And on the day after Donald Trump had been selected, distributed American Elite universities Ausmalbücher and organized therapy dogs to Pet, to calm the agitated students. Because there was no anger, no battle lust, no Rebellion – there was only sobbing. Lukianoff and Haidt's talk of "learned helplessness".

Not less than the Infantilization of a society

The mag amusing, or alarm sound-ist, according to the American hysteria at all, only The consequences are already everywhere, even here. Criticism should be only expressed in the positive, even among adults. Children are invited to a birthday party, get a gift, so that none feel left out. And as last year, the statistics showed that every fifth lesson in the Canton of Zurich is canceled, said Werner Scherrer, the President of Zurich's SME and commercial, as well as the Zurich-based teaching Association, the high drop-out rate, among other things, that learning would be by the end of today, less bite and less stress-resistant.

What Lukianoff and Haidt and what is the actual Problem of "snow" flakes, is not less than the Infantilization of a society that always talks, that the world situation is more complicated and sophisticated than ever – but not for equips, but it prefers to sulk.

(Sunday newspaper)

Created: 23.02.2019, 18:43 PM

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