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Space-visions of US-the President And the Commander-in-Chief to the moon

within the next five years, the United States wants to send, according to Vice-President Mike Pence back astronauts to the moon. Also, a woman should be. "The

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Space-visions of US-the President And the Commander-in-Chief to the moon

within the next five years, the United States wants to send, according to Vice-President Mike Pence back astronauts to the moon. Also, a woman should be. "The first woman and the next man on the moon two American astronauts, which are lifted with American rockets from American soil," said Pence on Tuesday at a meeting of the national Council on Astronautics in a complex of the US space Agency Nasa in Huntsville. On the moon would be an Outpost established as the Basis for a planned Mars Mission.

bride Stine: Nasa "the challenge"

Nasa chief James bride Stine was on the Nasa Website, with the words, quote, "this is the right time for this challenge, and I assured the Vice President that we are grown, the people of NASA, the challenge." You'll take "in the coming days and weeks, measures to achieve these goals." Bride Stine stated that it had placed the authority of "a clear Plan for the exploration campaign of the Nasa", which encompasses three strategic areas: the near-earth orbit, the moon and Mars and expeditions deeper into space.

Actually, US President, Donald Trump has moved this Order is now the focus of the US space from Mars, first on the moon. There, in 1972, American astronauts of the "Apollo 17"Mission last year, landed. Recently, China had written with the first controlled landing of a probe on the moon's back story. Overall, a variety of programs running currently, to the unmanned moon exploration, including German projects.

letters of intent

Presidential Statements, in a certain time, a manned return to the moon or to bring astronauts to Mars there are, however, again and again. In 2004 about then-President George W. Bush had announced that they would be at the latest to land in 2020 back to the moon. In 2008, the Plan had become more ambitious: Already in the year 2015, manned missions should begin, "with the aim to live there for increasingly longer periods of time and work."

in fact, the history of space-visions of U.S. presidents is a story of a decades-long, repetitive, rhetorical, and content for new - or renewed - superlatives-seeking Ritual. It is, therefore, the history of the speeches, the US President, in a regularity at the Brandenburg gate or near have held, not dissimilar to. And everyone has had to so far - both in terms of Talking about Berlin and the world - to the legendary speeches of John F. Kennedy's measure. In 1961, six weeks after the Soviet citizen Yuri Gagarin for the first time a man had circumnavigated in a space capsule, the earth, had he demanded before the Congress that "this Nation should, before the end of this decade, a man land on the moon and have him safely return to earth". In 1962, a consequence of its even more famous "Because-it-is-hard"speech at Rice University. There, he said: "We want this decade to the moon - and we still want to achieve other things, not because it's easy, but because it is difficult." Known it has been, then, under Lyndon Johnson, Kennedy's successor, is really difficult and extremely expensive. It is also some of the astronauts claimed the lives of, for example, the Crew of Apollo 1 that burned in a Test of their capsule. But 1969 was fulfilled with Apollo 11 and Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin as the first men on the moon, Kennedy's Vision.

Hello moon

Richard Nixon has gone down in the history of space travel than the US President telephoned the first to the moon, but also as an Anti-Visionary. Because he out-braked the Nasa with its plans to build up to 1980 moon base. The planning of the space Shuttle program launched under his Aegis. An important space speech, he has not kept. Nevertheless, such a, which would have been very important existed you would have had to be made: in 1999, Nixon's speechwriter William Safire revealed the Text of an address to the Nation, which would have kept the President in the event that the Crew can no longer return of Apollo 11 from the moon. It contained, among other things, the sentence: "These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope of salvation for you."

. 20. July, 1969 Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr is posing., in addition to a U.S. flag during the Apollo 11 Mission.Photo: HO / NASA / AFP

By Gerald Ford, the Nixon after his Watergate-related resignation replaced and only a good two years in office, was handed down, neither large nor tried a lot of Speeches on the topic. For this he had but even without the rhetoric and positive influence on the space program of the United States, because he stop resistance to the immense pressure, in difficult economic times, the expensive Shuttle-planning. Jimmy Carter turned in terms of space hardly to the Nation, but to the alien. In fact, a Text that the probe Voyager 1, 1977 started with leads and it is already outside the solar system on the move from its spring dates. In addition to a couple of information about the earth and the people it contains a Vision for the space, but for the home planet. Carter writes: "We human beings are still divided into nation States, but these nation-States are with great speed to become a global civilization."

Also a Vision that has not been fulfilled so once, but Voyager is still a bit on-the-go.

space station "Freedom" come in

Carter's successor, Ronald Reagan turned in his term of office twice on the subject of space exploration to the Nation. Once voluntarily, once very involuntarily. In January 1984, at the beginning of his second term in office, he announced the construction of an American permanent space station called "Freedom", from, ultimately, to nothing. The involuntary speech, he had to hold in 1986, after the Challenger space Shuttle was exploded at the Start. In memory of Kennedy is reminiscent of the words are - intentionally -. He said that "these brave forgotten Seven", but continue: "The future belongs to the figs, but the Brave."

Reagan's successor, George Bush tried it again with great visions and announced on the day of 20. Apollo 11 anniversary, we now finally want to fly to Mars. Specifically, he was not. Really embarrassing it was shortly after that, as Nasa chief Richard Truly in the White house and the journalists ' questions: What would all this cost? He couldn't call any Numbers. The Initiative was coordinated with the Congress, would this comply? Truly knew nothing. What was the schedule? No Idea. Asked when the first Americans on Mars would land, and said Truly, visibly irritated and obviously very truthfully: "I, frankly, just this Morning, the contents of President Bush's statement know."

Clinton: Searches for Aliens

Bill Clinton, in turn, came out without a big speech on a big stage to a large historical occasion, but was the first US President whose world Vision is as an immediate response to a scientific publication came about: in 1996, the US had found-scientists in a Mars meteorite structures, which was interpreted as the remains of micro-organisms. Clinton stepped up in front of the press and said that the American space program must now "put its full intellectual power and technological strength behind the search for further Evidence of life on Mars."

It was the Moment, for the first time, a man in the most powerful office in the world, officially, for the search for extraterrestrial called. to bring

Bush Junior's plans, already in 2015, astronauts on the moon, and was already out of the question. You devoured a lot of money, and were collected by Barack Obama and finally. In its main space-a speech in April 2010 in Houston, he said there were so many goals "out there", which is worth it to explore. The earth itself belonged, in his opinion, still more than by then. He announced, therefore, to operate the International space station longer than previously planned, and to bring more satellites for environmental and climate sensing in Orbit - plans that were not Kennedy-like, but at least have been implemented. But also a Mars program he wanted to push forward. On the topic of the moon, he said specifically that it was "now already there" and a return, do not belong to the priorities of his government.

More about

Trabant-race And back to the moon

Ralf Nestler

His successor, lures changed his mind now and again. And that he did not even talk, but his Vice to the Nasa sent, does not necessarily suggest that the Plan is thought of as one that is to be driven with the power of Kennedy's moon program.

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