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Darts World Cup 2023 - schedule, tournament tree, participants, TV broadcast

From December 15th, the 30th Darts World Championship of the Professional Darts Corporation will take place in London's Alexandra Palace, also known as Ally Pally.

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Darts World Cup 2023 - schedule, tournament tree, participants, TV broadcast

From December 15th, the 30th Darts World Championship of the Professional Darts Corporation will take place in London's Alexandra Palace, also known as Ally Pally. The field of participants includes 96 participants, including three women, from 28 nations. The top 32 players of the Order of Merit, the unofficial darts world ranking, are seeded for the second round. The Sid Waddell Trophy final will be played on January 3rd at 8.30pm.

As in the past three years, 28 sessions will be played over 16 days. In addition to the semi-finals and finals, there are only two match days, the opening day and the first Tuesday of the tournament, on which the arrows don't fly in the early afternoon. As in previous years, there are no games on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Eve.


Session 1: Thursday 15 December at 8pm CET

3x 1st round

Mickey Mansell (NIR) - Ben Robb (NZL) 3:1 (3:0; 0:3; 3:0; 3:2)

Keane Barry (IRL) - Grant Sampson (RSA) 1:3 (2:3; 2:3; 3:1; 1:3)

Jermaine Wattimena (NED) - Nathan Rafferty (NIR) 2:3 (2:3; 3:2; 0:3; 3:0; 2:3)

1x 2nd round

Peter Wright (SCO/2) - Mickey Mansell (NIR) 3:0 (3:1; 3:0, 3:0)

Session 2: Friday 16 December at 1.30pm CET

3x 1st round

Alan Soutar (SCO) - Mal Cuming (AUS) 3:0 (3:0, 3:1, 3:1)

Boris Krcmar (CRO) - Toru Suzuki (JPN) 3:0 (3:1, 3:0, 3:2)

Adrian Lewis (ENG) - Daniel Larsson (SWE) 3:0 (3:1; 3:1; 3:1)

1x 2nd round

Kim Huybrechts (BEL/31) – Grant Sampson (RSA) 3:0 (3:1; 3:0; 3:0)

Session 3: Friday 16 December at 8pm CET

3x 1st round

Rowby-John Rodriguez (AUT) defeated Laurence Ilagan (PHI) 2:3

William O‘Connor (IRL) - Beau Greaves (ENG) 3:0 (3:2; 3:2; 3:0)

Keegan Brown (ENG) - Florian Hempel (D) 2:3 (2:3; 3:2; 3:2; 1:3; 2:3)

1x 2nd round

Michael Smith (ENG/4) – Nathan Rafferty (NIR) 3:0 (3:0; 3:0; 3:0)

Session 4: Saturday, December 17, 12:00 p.m. CET

3x 1st round

Martin Lukeman (ENG) - Nobuhiro Yamamoto (JPN) 3:0 (3:0; 3:1; 3:2)

Simon Whitlock (AUS) - Christian Perez (PHI) 3:2 (3:0; 2:3; 3:2; 0:3; 3:1)

Adam Gawlas (POL) - Richie Burnett (WAL) 3:2 (3:0; 0:3; 1:3; 3:1; 3:1)

1x 2nd round

Daryl Gurney (NIR/24) – Alan Soutar (SCO) 0:3 (2:3; 2:3; 2:3)

Session 5: Saturday 17 December at 9pm CET

3x 1st round

Ryan Meikle (ENG) - Lisa Ashton (ENG) 3:2 (3:1; 3:2; 2:3; 2:3; 3:0)

Cameron Menzies (SCO) - Diogo Portela (BRA) 3:1 (3:1; 1:3; 3:1; 3:1)

Josh Rock (NIR) - Jose Justicia (ESP) 3:1 (3:1; 1:3; 3:1; 3:0)

1x 2nd round

Dimitri van den Bergh (BEL/15) – Lourence Ilagan (PHI) 3:0 (3:0; 3:2; 3:0)

Session 6: Sunday, December 18, 12:00 p.m. CET

3x 1st round

Madars Razma (LAT) - Prakash Jiwa (IND) 3:1 (3:2; 2:3; 3:2; 3:0)

Karel Sedlacek (CZE) - Raymond Smith (AUS) 3:0 (3:2; 3:0; 3:2)

Luke Woodhouse (ENG) - Vladyslav Omelchenko (UKR) 3:0 (3:0; 3:2; 3:1)

1x 2nd round

Damon Heta (AUS/20) – Adrian Lewis (ENG) 3:0 (3:1; 3:2; 3:1)

Session 7: Sunday 18 December at 9pm CET

3x 1st round

Mike De Decker (BEL) - Jeff Smith (CAN) 3:1 (3:0; 3:2; 1:3; 3:2)

Scott Williams (ENG) - Ryan Joyce (ENG) 3:1 (3:1; 1:3; 3:2; 3:1)

Matt Campbell (CAN) - Danny Baggish (USA) 0:3 (1:3; 2:3; 2:3)

1x 2nd round

Nathan Aspinall (ENG/10) – Boris Krcmar (CRO) 3:1 (3:2, 2:3, 3:1, 3:0)

Session 8: Monday 19 December at 1.30pm CET

3x 1st round

Andrew Gilding (ENG) - Robert Owen (ENG) 3:2 (1:3; 3:2; 3:1; 0:3; 3:1)

Danny Jansen (NED) - Paolo Nebrida (PHI) 3:2 (3:1; 3:2; 2:3; 0:3; 3:0)

Niels Zonneveld (NED) - Lewy Williams (WAL) 0:3 (3:1; 3:2; 3:1)

1x 2nd round

Jose de Sousa (ENG/17) – Simon Whitlock (AUS) 3:2 (2:3; 2:3; 3:0; 3:1; 3:1)

Session 9: Monday 19 December at 8pm CET

3x 1st round

Geert Nentjes (NED) - Leonard Gates (USA) 1:3 (3:2; 1:3; 0:3; 2:3)

Ritchie Edhouse (ENG) - David Cameron (CAN) 2:3 (3:0; 3:2; 2:3, 0:3; 1:3)

Steve Beaton (ENG) - Danny van Trijp (NED) 0:3 (1:3; 1:3; 2:3)

1x 2nd round

Gerwyn Price (WAL/1) – Luke Woodhouse (ENG) 3:1 (1:3; 3:2; 3:1; 3:0)

Session 10: Tuesday, December 20th at 8pm CET

3x 1st round

Jim Williams (WAL) - Sebastian Bialecki (POL) 3:2 (0:3; 3:1; 2:3; 3:0; 3:1)

Jamie Hughes (ENG) - Jimmy Hendriks (NED) 3:1 (3:2; 1:3; 2:3; 1:3)

Ricky Evans (ENG) - Fallon Sherrock (ENG) 3:1 (1:3; 3:2; 3:2; 3:2)

2nd round:

Raymond van Barneveld (NED/32) – Ryan Meikle (ENG) 3:1 (1:3; 3:0; 3:2; 3:0)

Session 11: Wednesday 21 December at 1.30pm CET

2x 1. Round

John O'Shea (IRL) - Darius Labanauskas (LIT) 3:2 (3:2; 3:2; 1:3; 2:3; 1:3)

Martijn Kleermaker (NED) - Xicheng Han (CHN) 3:0 (3:0; 3:1; 3:1)

2x 2. Round

Callan Rydz (ENG/23) - Josh Rock (NIR) 0:3 (2:3; 1:3; 1:3)

Dave Chisnall (ENG/12) – Andrew Gilding (ENG) 3:1 (0:3; 3:0; 3:2; 3:2)

Session 12: Wednesday, December 21 at 8pm CET

4x 2. Runde

Mervyn King (ENG/27) – Danny Baggish (USA) 3:2 (3:2; 3:2; 2:3; 1:3; 3:1)

Gabriel Clemens (D/25) – William O‘Connor (IRL) 3:0 (3:2; 3:2; 3:0)

Michael van Gerwen (NED/3) – Lewy Williams (WAL) 3:0 (3:1; 3:0; 3:0)

Stephen Bunting (ENG/21) – Leonard Gates (USA)

Session 13: Thursday 22 December at 1.30pm CET

4x 2. Runde

Krzysztof Ratajski (POL/18) – Danny Jansen (NED)

Ryan Searle (ENG/16) – Adam Gawlas (POL)

Mensur Suljovic (AUT/30) – Mike De Decker (BEL)

Dirk van Duijvenbode (NED/14) – Karel Sedlacek (CZE)

Session 14: Thursday, December 22 at 8pm CET

4x 2. Runde

Gary Anderson (SCO/11) – Madars Razma (LAT)

James Wade (ENG/8) – Jim Williams (WAL)

Luke Humphries (ENG/5) – Florian Hempel (D)

Vincent van der Voort (NED/28) – Cameron Menzies (SCO)

Session 15: Friday 23 December at 1.30pm CET

4x 2. Runde

Brendan Dolan (NIR/26) – Jimmy Hendriks (NED)

Chris Dobey (ENG/22) – Martijn Kleermaker (NED)/Xicheng Han (CHN)

Ross Smith (ENG/19) – John O'Shea (IRL)/Darius Labanauskas (LIT)

Rob Cross (ENG/6) – Scott Williams (ENG)

Session 16: Friday 23 December at 8pm CET

4x 2. Runde

Martin Schindler (D/29) – Martin Lukeman (ENG)

Danny Noppert (NED/9) – David Cameron (CAN)

Jonny Clayton (WAL/7) – Danny van Trijp (NED)

Joe Cullen (ENG/13) – Ricky Evans (ENG)

Session 17: Tuesday, December 27 at 1:45 p.m. CET

Dimitri van den Bergh (BEL/15) – Krzysztof Ratajski (POL/18) /Danny Jansen (NED)

Nathan Aspinall (ENG/10) – Callan Rydz (ENG/23)/Josh Rock (NIR)

Jonny Clayton (WAL/7)/Danny van Trijp (NED) – Brendan Dolan (NIR/26)/Jimmy Hendriks (NED)

Session 18: Tuesday 27 December at 20:15 CET

James Wade (ENG/8)/ Jim Williams (WAL) – Gabriel Clemens (D/25)

Gerwyn Price (WAL/1) – Raymond van Barneveld (NED/32)

Peter Wright (SCO/2) – Kim Huybrechts (BEL/31)

Session 19: Wednesday 28 December at 1.30pm CET

Ryan Searle (ENG/16)/Adam Gawlas (POL) – Jose de Sousa (POR/17)

Danny Noppert (NED/9)/David Cameron (CAN) – Alan Soutar (SCO)

Gary Anderson (SCO/11)/Madars Razma (LAT) – Chris Dobey (ENG/22)/Martijn Kleermaker (NED)

Session 20: Wednesday 28 December at 8pm CET

Joe Cullen (ENG/13)/Ricky Evans (ENG) – Damon Heta (AUS/20)

Michael van Gerwen (NED/3) – Mensur Suljovic (AUT/30)/Mike De Decker (BEL)

Michael Smith (ENG/4) – Martin Schindler (D/29)/Martin Lukeman (ENG)

Session 21: Thursday, December 29 at 1:30 p.m. CET

Dirk van Duijvenbode (NED/14)/Karel Sedlacek (CZE) – Ross Smith (ENG/19)/Darius Labanauskas (LIT)

Rob Cross (ENG/6)/Scott Williams (ENG) – Mervyn King (ENG/27)

Dave Chisnall (ENG/12) – Stephen Bunting (ENG/21)/Leonard Gates (USA)

Session 22: Thursday, December 29 at 8pm CET

Luke Humphries (ENG/5)/Florian Hempel (D) – Vincent van der Voort (NED/28)/Cameron Menzies (SCO)

2x round of 16

Session 23: Friday 30 December at 1.30pm CET

3x Round of 16

Session 24: Friday, December 30th at 8pm CET

3x Round of 16

Session 25: Sunday, January 1, 1:30 p.m. CET

2x Quarterfinals

Session 26: Sunday, January 1, 20:00 CET

2x Quarterfinals

Session 27: Monday, January 2nd at 8pm CET

2x semi-finals

Session 28: Tuesday 3 January at 20:30 CET


The draw took place on November 28th and resulted in the following tournament tree (players still in the tournament are highlighted in bold):


1st quarter:

Gerwyn Price (WAL/1) – Luke Woodhouse (ENG)/Vladyslav Omelchenko (UKR)

Raymond van Barneveld (NED/32) – Ryan Meikle (ENG)/Lisa Ashton (ENG)

Ryan Searle (ENG/16) – Adam Gawlas (POL)/Richie Burnett (WAL)

Jose de Sousa (POR/17) – Simon Whitlock (AUS)/Christian Perez (PHI)

2nd quarter:

James Wade (ENG/8) – Jim Williams (WAL)/Sebastian Bialecki (POL)

Gabriel Clemens (D/25) – William O‘Connor (IRL)/Beau Greaves (ENG)

Danny Noppert (NED/9) – Ritchie Edhouse (ENG)/David Cameron (CAN)

Daryl Gurney (NIR/24) – Alan Soutar (SCO)/Mal Cuming (AUS)

3rd quarter:

Michael Smith (ENG/4) – Jermaine Wattimena (NED)/Nathan Rafferty (NIR)

Martin Schindler (D/29) – Martin Lukeman (ENG)/Nobuhiro Yamamoto (JPN)

Joe Cullen (ENG/13) – Ricky Evans (ENG)/Fallon Sherrock (ENG)

Damon Heta (AUS/20) – Adrian Lewis (ENG)/Daniel Larsson (SWE)

4th quarter:

Luke Humphries (ENG/5) – Keegan Brown (ENG)/Florian Hempel (D)

Vincent van der Voort (NED/28) – Cameron Menzies (SCO)/Diogo Portela (BRA)

Dave Chisnall (ENG/12) – Andrew Gilding (ENG)/Robert Owen (ENG)

Stephen Bunting (ENG/21) – Geert Nentjes (NED)/Leonard Gates (USA)


1st quarter:

Peter Wright (SCO/2) – Mickey Mansell (NIR)/Ben Robb (NZL)

Kim Huybrechts (BEL/31) – Keane Barry (IRL)/Grant Sampson (RSA)

Dimitri van den Bergh (BEL/15) – Rowby-John Rodriguez (AUT)/Lourence Ilagan (PHI)

Krzysztof Ratajski (POL/18) – Danny Jansen (NED)/Paolo Nebrida (PHI)

2nd quarter:

Jonny Clayton (WAL/7) – Steve Beaton (ENG)/Danny van Trijp (NED)

Brendan Dolan (NIR/26) – Jamie Hughes (ENG)/Jimmy Hendriks (NED)

Nathan Aspinall (ENG/10) – Boris Krcmar (CRO)/Toru Suzuki (JPN)

Callan Rydz (ENG/23) – Josh Rock (NIR)/Jose Justicia (ESP)

3rd quarter:

Michael van Gerwen (NED/3) – Niels Zonnelveld (NED)/Lewy Williams (WAL)

Mensur Suljovic (AUT/30) – Mike De Decker (BEL)/Jeff Smith (CAN)

Dirk van Duijvenbode (NED/14) – Karel Sedlacek (CZE)/Raymond Smith (AUS)

Ross Smith (ENG/19) – John O'Shea (IRL)/Darius Labanauskas (LIT)

4th quarter:

Rob Cross (ENG/6) – Scott Williams (ENG)/Ryan Joyce (ENG)

Mervyn King (ENG/27) – Matt Campbell (CAN)/Danny Baggish (USA)

Gary Anderson (SCO/11) – Madars Razma (LAT)/Prakash Jiwa (IND)

Chris Dobey (ENG/22) – Martijn Kleermaker (NED)/Xicheng Han (CHN)

Three legs won make a set. Whoever wins three sets (best of 5) first moves into the next round. Four set wins (best of 7) are required in the third and fourth round, five (best of 9) in the quarter-finals.

In the semi-finals and finals, too, the scope increases by one additional winning set. The semifinals will be decided with six won rounds (Best of 11). In order to become world champion, seven sets must be won in the final (best of 13).

The two-clear-leg rule applies in the decisive set: If the score is 2:2, overtime is played until one player has a two-leg lead. Only when the score is 5:5 is a decision leg played, but without a new bulling out. Only in the first round does the decisive set go directly into the decisive leg when the score is 2:2.

As in the past four years, the PDC is paying out 2.5 million pounds. The winner alone will pocket half a million pounds.

The losing finalist receives £200,000. The two losers in the semi-finals will get £100,000 and £50,000 in the quarter-finals. Out of the last 16 will be rewarded with £35,000, £25,000 in the third and £15,000 in the second. If you are eliminated at the start, there is still an entrance fee of 7,500 pounds.

1994 £64,000 (World Champion £16,000)

1995 £55,000 (World Champion £12,000)

1996 £61,000 (World Champion £14,000)

1997 £98,000 (World Champion £45,000)

1998 £71,000 (World Champion £20,000)

1999 £104,000 (World Champion £30,000)

2000 £110,000 (World Champion £31,000)

2001 £124,000 (World Champion £33,000)

2002 £200,000 (World Champion £50,000)

2003 £200,000 (World Champion £50,000)

2004 £256,000 (World Champion £50,000)

2005 £300,000 (World Champion £60,000)

2006 £500,000 (World Champion £100,000)

2007 £500,000 (World Champion £100,000)

2008 £605,000 (World Champion £100,000)

2009 £735,000 (World Champion £125,000)

2010 £1,000,000 (World Champion £200,000)

2011 £1,000,000 (World Champion £200,000)

2012 £1,000,000 (World Champion £200,000)

2013 £1,000,000 (World Champion £200,000)

2014 £1,050,000 (World Champion £250,000)

2015 £1,250,000 (World Champion £250,000)

2016 £1,500,000 (World Champion £300,000)

2017 £1,650,000 (World Champion £350,000)

2018 £1,800,000 (World Champion £400,000)

2019 £2,500,000 (World Champion £500,000)

2020 £2,500,000 (World Champion £500,000)

2021 £2,500,000 (World Champion £500,000)

2022 £2,500,000 (World Champion £500,000)

2023 £2,500,000 (World Champion £500,000)

2009 Raymond van Barneveld (against Jelle Klaasen)

2010 Raymond van Barneveld (against Brendan Dolan)

2011 Adrian Lewis (vs Gary Anderson)

2013 Dean Winstanley (against Vincent van der Voort)

2013 Michael van Gerwen (against James Wade)

2014 Terry Jenkins (vs Per Laursen)

2014 Kyle Anderson (vs Ian White)

2015 Adrian Lewis (against Raymond van Barneveld)

Gary Anderson and Adrian Lewis are in the final of the Darts World Championship in London. Above all, Gary Anderson showed his outstanding form in the semi-finals and threw the first nine-darter of the World Cup. The highlights.

What: Omnisport

2016 Gary Anderson (against Jelle Klaasen)

2021 James Wade (vs Stephen Bunting)

2022 William Borland (vs Bradley Brooks)

2022 Darius Labanauskas (against Mike De Decker)

2022 Gerwyn Price (against Michael Smith)

Raymond van Barneveld and Adrian Lewis are the only players who have managed the perfect game of erasing 501 points with nine arrows twice at a World Cup.

Sport1 is now broadcasting the World Cup games live on free TV for the 19th time. The channel will show the entire event, i.e. all 28 sessions, on television and report on the tournament for 135 hours. There are also detailed highlight summaries on the days when there are no games and after the end of the tournament.

As in previous years, the 2022 World Cup gave the Munich broadcaster a number of records: the one million viewer limit was exceeded nine times, the average market share was 2.7 percent, and even in the core target group of men aged 14 to 59 that is relevant to advertising at 5.1 percent. The average 530,000 viewers per program meant the second-best value in the history of the station.

1.65 million viewers tuned in to the final between Peter Wright and Michael Smith, with up to two million viewers watching the exciting duel at the peak - a record market share for a live broadcast of 6.8 percent and the second-highest reach for a live darts broadcast history. In the previous year it was 4.9 percent, in 2021 4.5 percent.

Basti Schwele and expert Robert Marijanovic are again in action as a commentator duo. Ann-Kathrin Wigmann is a new expert. In contrast to the previous year, the broadcaster sent a team to London for the entire duration of the tournament. Reporter Jana Wosnitza reports live from the Alexandra Palace and will be supported by Max Hopp after Christmas. As in the previous year, the 26-year-old German record participant missed the qualification and even lost his tour card after eight years.

Streaming service DAZN also shows all matches live and is present at least on the first days of the World Cup with Tom Kirsten as a reporter at Alexandra Palace. Elmar Paulke will comment on most of the matches. Changing experts are also used for the streaming service.

The tournament was launched in 1994 with a starting field of 24 places. The first expansion came in 1999, when the field was increased to 32 players, the next in 2004 (48) with the introduction of an international preliminary round. In the years 2006 to 2009 the number varied between 64 and 70 participants. From 2010 it was then constant 72 players; until four years ago, when the field was expanded to 96 participants and there were also two women, Lisa Ashton and Anastasia Dobromyslova.

The composition of the field results from the two ranking lists, the Main Order of Merit and the Pro Tour Order of Merit, as well as numerous, mostly regional, qualification tournaments and series. For the first time in six years, crowd favorite Paul Lim will not be there. The 68-year-old "Singapore Slinger" failed in the round of 16 of the Asian Championship. Ian White also failed to qualify. For the first time there are three women.

The cut-off date for the rankings and resulting seedings for the early December draw was November 27 following the final of the Players Championship Finals.

PDC Order of Merit (32 Qualifikanten)

32 players who are already seeded for the second round qualify via the PDC prize money ranking calculated from the bonuses of the past two years. The current status:

1. Gerwyn Price

2. Peter Wright

3. Michael van Gerwen

4. Michael Smith

5. Luke Humphries

6. Rob Cross

7. Jonny Clayton

8. James Wade

9. Danny Noppert

10. Nathan Aspinall

11. Gary Anderson

12. Dave Chisnall

13. Joe Cullen

14. Dirk van Duijvenbode

15. Dimitri van den Bergh

16. Ryan Searle

Martin Schindler is not only one of the best German darts professionals. He is also an excellent impersonator. Here he recreates six world-class players. Do you recognize these players?

Source: WORLD

17. Jose de Sousa

18. Krzysztof Ratajski

19. Ross Smith

20. Damon Heta

21. Stephen Bunting

22. Chris Dobey

23. Callan Rydz

24. Daryl Gurney

25. Gabriel Clemens

26. Brendan Dolan

27. Mervyn King

28.Vincent van der Voort

29. Martin Schindler

30. Mensur Suljovic

31. Kim Huybrechts

32. Raymond van Barneveld

ProTour (32 players)

The best 32 players who were not already placed on the Order of Merit qualify via the smaller tournament series, which also includes events on the European Tour.

1. Josh Rock

2. Andrew Gilding

3. Martin Lukeman

4. Madar Razma

5. Adrian Lewis

6. Rowby-John Rodriguez

7. Scott Williams

8. Jim Williams

9. Ryan Meikle

10. William O'Connor

11. Steve Beaton

12. Jermain Wattimena

13. Simon Whitlock

14. Keane Berry

15. Keegan Brown

16. Ricky Evans

17. Alan Soutar

18. Karel Sedlacek

19. Jamie Hughes

20. Matt Campbell

21. Danny Jansen

22. Mike De Decker

23. Ritchie Edhouse

24. Boris Krcmar

25. Cameron Menzies

26. Luke Woodhouse

27. Mickey Mansell

28. Geert Nentjes

29. Niels Zonneveld

30. Martin Tailor

31. John O'Shea

32. Adam Gawlas

International qualification (32 qualifiers)


PDJ Japan: Nobuhiro Yamamoto (Japan)

Asian Championship 1: Lourence Ilagan (Philippinen)

Asian Championship 2: Christian Perez (Philippinen)

Asian Championship 3: Toru Suzuki (Japan)

Asian Championship 4: Paolo Nebrida (Philippines)

China: Han Xicheng (China)

If: Prakash Jiwa (If)


DPA Satellite Tour: Raymond Smith (Australia)

DPNZ Qualifier: Ben Robb (New Zealand)

Oceanic Masters: Mal Cuming (Australien)


Grant Sampson (South Africa)


Pro Tour USA: Danny Baggish (USA)

Pro Tour Canada: David Cameron (Canada)

North American Championship: Leonard Gates (USA)

Central and South America: Diogo Portela (Brazil)


Super League Germany: Florian Hempel (Germany)

Ukraine: Vladislav Omeltschenko (Ukraine)

Nordeuropa/Baltikum1: Darius Labanauskas (Lithuania)

Northern Europe/Baltic States2: Daniel Larsson (Sweden)

Western Europe: Jimmy Hendriks (Netherlands)

Eastern Europe: Sebastian Bialcecki (Poland)

Südwesteuropa: José Justicia (Spanien)


Challenge Tour1: Robert Owen (Wales)

Challenge Tour2: Danny van Trijp (Netherlands)

Development Tour1: Nathan Rafferty (Nordirland)

Development Tour2: Lewy Williams (Wales)

PDPA-Qualifier1: Ryan Joyce (England)

PDPA-Qualifier2: Richie Burnett (Wales)

PDPA-Qualifier3: Jeff Smith (Canada)

Women‘s Series1: Lisa Ashton (England)

Women‘s Series2: Beau Greaves (England)

Women‘s World Matchplay: Fallon Sherrock (England)

After Darts Germany was represented by a quartet last year with Gabriel Clemens, Martin Schindler, Florian Hempel and Fabian Schmutzler, this time only three players are qualified. For the first time in the history of the World Cup, Clemens and Schindler are two Germans among the top 32 seeded for the second round.

At the end of a mixed year, the duel with the only 18-year-old Beau Greaves could be waiting for Clemens (December 21). A year ago, the “German Giant” lost 4-0 to Jonny Clayton in round three. This time he would have on the way to his second round of 16 with James Wade a recently weak opponent in front of his chest.

Schindler celebrates its second-round premiere after its first-round defeats at the 2018, 2019 and 2022 World Championships. “The Wall”, the best German on the tour this year thanks to another jump in performance, will start one day before Christmas Eve, probably against Martin Lukeman.

Florian Hempel, who made it to the third round last year, starts against Keegan Brown on the second evening of the tournament. In his World Cup debut last year, the current number 60 in the world first prevailed against Schindler and then caused a big surprise with his victory against Dimitri van den Bergh. Against the Australian outsider Raymond Smith, the Cologne-based player didn't play his game and was eliminated. For Hempel, after an overall disappointing season, reaching the second round duel against co-favorite Luke Humphries should mean a great success.

1994 Dennis Priestley (6:1 against Phil Taylor)

1995 Phil Taylor (6:2 gegen Rod Harrington)

1996 Phil Taylor (6-4 v Dennis Priestley)

1997 Phil Taylor (6:3 against Dennis Priestley)

1998 Phil Taylor (6-0 v Dennis Priestley)

1999 Phil Taylor (6:2 against Peter Manley)

2000 Phil Taylor (7-3 v Dennis Priestley)

2001 Phil Taylor (7-0 v John Part)

2002 Phil Taylor (7:0 against Peter Manley)

2003 John Part (7:6 against Phil Taylor)

2004 Phil Taylor (7:6 gegen Kevin Painter)

2005 Phil Taylor (7:4 against Mark Dudbridge)

2006 Phil Taylor (7:0 against Peter Manley)

2007 Raymond van Barneveld (7:6 against Phil Taylor)

2008 John Part (7:2 against Kirk Shepherd)

2009 Phil Taylor (7:1 against Raymond van Barneveld)

2010 Phil Taylor (7:3 against Simon Whitlock)

2011 Adrian Lewis (7:5 against Gary Anderson)

2012 Adrian Lewis (7:3 against Andy Hamilton)

2013 Phil Taylor (7:4 vs. Michael van Gerwen)

2014 Michael van Gerwen (7:4 vs. Peter Wright)

2015 Gary Anderson (7:6 against Phil Taylor)

2016 Gary Anderson (7:5 against Adrian Lewis)

2017 Michael van Gerwen (7:3 vs. Gary Anderson)

2018 Rob Cross (7:2 against Phil Taylor)

2019 Michael van Gerwen (7:3 against Michael Smith)

2020 Peter Wright (7:3 vs. Michael van Gerwen)

2021 Gerwyn Price (7:3 against Gary Anderson)

2022 Peter Wright (7:5 against Michael Smith)

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