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A President of the Bosnia destroyed

the building of The Bosnian Presidency in Sarajevo is a house with history. It was a Hungarian-born architect, the end of the 19th century. Century was the headquarters of the provincial government, in the style of the Florentine Renaissance building. In 1878 the Congress of Berlin had made the then-Ottoman province of Bosnia-Herzegovina under the administration of the Habsburg monarchy. The new rulers wanted to join the Oriental heritage with Western Modernity. Still today many public buildings of the city are a testimony to this.

In the building of the Bosnian state Presidium resides Austro-Hungarian, Yugoslav and Bosnian rulers. During the siege of Sarajevo by the Serbian aggressors in the 90s, the building was significantly damaged. In the meantime, it will be shiny and new. Since the elections last autumn, here is the new master of the house would determine the fate of the country. But Milorad Dodik is probably the only President in the world who would miss the state of their own at the loved one the death shock. Because the most powerful politicians of the Bosnian Serbs has been working for years. Currently, two-meter man is beefy at the top of the three-member State presidency of the fragile Balkan country. He has held the office rotational basis, according to him, in succession to follow for eight months in a Croatian and a Bosniake (Muslim).

threats of a demagogue

In Sarajevo, is to see Dodik. He felt in the Bosnian capital as a pig in Tehran, he says. Bosnia is an impossible state which had been created by the West to prevent a unification of all Serbs in the Balkans. But one day this dream will come true, he will rename the Bosnian-Serbian Republic in "Western Serbia", declare independence, and connection to Serbia.

You can dismiss these threats as a good night tale of a demagogue who adapts chameleon adhesion tests of Time. Finally, Dodik was the end of the 90s after the Dayton peace agreement – as a bearer of hope. "A breath of fresh air" called him, the then-US Secretary of state Madeleine Albright. He condemned the war crimes of his countrymen, and called on Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic, to the Hague UN Tribunal. However, from the alleged social Democrats Dodik, a large has become a Serbian sniper-maker, of the constitutional order of Bosnia-Herzegovina that undermines it.

The convicted war criminals Karadzic and Mladic praises Dodik as a freedom fighter and hero of the Serbian people. Streets and squares should be named after them. The genocide of around 8000 Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica was a "fabricated myth", says Dodik. Recently, he organized in Banja Luka, the capital of the so-called Republika Srpska, a pseudo-scientific conference, in order to operate with historical revisionism. The notorious genocide were deniers like Boris Krljic alias Alexander Dorin, who lives in Switzerland, and conspiracy theorists from Russia and the United States.

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As the head of state of Bosnia occurs Dodik mostly in a suburb of Sarajevo, the Serbian-controlled land. There is no place for the state symbols of Bosnia, but only for the red-and-blue-and-white flags and coat-of-arms of his estate. The message is clear: The Serbs are not supposed to identify with the entire state of Bosnia. "There are a billion places where I feel more comfortable than in Sarajevo", calls Dodik in the journalist round. Such moments, he seems to enjoy visually. When U.S. President Donald Trump congratulated the Bosnian citizens to the day of statehood, he gets immediately an answer: The Bosnian Serbs would not celebrate this day, writes Dodik to the man in the White house that is unlikely to be with the sensitivities of Serbian nationalists familiar.

at the same time, the Serbian leader sets the course for the secession of Republika Srpska from the Bosnian state. The Parliament of the Bosnian Serbs decided last week the formation of heavily armed paramilitary troops. They are referred to euphemistically as a reserve units of the police. Security experts in Sarajevo to keep this mobilization for a provocation. It is unnecessary all. Before the war, Bosnia-Herzegovina 11'000 officers for the security of 4.4 million people, is responsible. As a result of the bloody conflict, with about 100'000 dead and the economy-related emigration in the country today, only 3.5 million inhabitants, but 20'000 police officers, investigators and criminologists.

In the new law on the police of the Bosnian Serb Republic, it is provided that for "special investigations" of foreign officials may be involved. For you a fictitious identity may be created. Political observers in Sarajevo are sounding the Alarm: Russian and Serbian agents were given the opportunity to practice in Bosnia up to mischief.

onslaught of the extremists

for months the ongoing debate as to the modification of borders between Serbia and Kosovo, Dodik has fallen almost in the Shot. Belgrade should accept the Kosovo independence, he saw no reason for remaining in the Republika Srpska within Bosnia, threatens the 60-Year-old. "This rhetoric is scary. A fork will hardly be without bloodshed," says the historian, There is Kamberovic in the conversation.

The daily provocations both of these come to poison the political climate, and a swipe in the face of those Bosnians, who fought for a community of equal citizens. What seemed to be a few years ago, today's grim reality. In the town of Visegrad, where during the war thousands of Muslims murdered and women and girls were raped, organise a black-uniformed extremists, so-called Chetniks, a move. In Srebrenica, a Mach will be presented to the factory, played down the mass murder. The Bosnian Serb Parliament to withdraw a report, in which the blame for the atrocities in Srebrenica, is.

but There are also among the Bosnian Muslims, vigilante, taking the gauntlet to be grateful. "You dream of an Islamic state, it should decay Bosnia," warns Kamberovic. In the Muslim-nationalist circles in Sarajevo, there is no willingness of their own crimes. So Christmas, for example, were murdered on Orthodox in 1993 in a village near Srebrenicas dozens of Serbs. Has been sentenced so far, no one. Today, the vast majority of citizens in all regions of the country opposed parts of a new war. However, the chances to break the dominance of the nationalist parties of Serbs, Bosniaks and Croats, are low. They have established the state's grueling clientele system, in which personal Connections count for more than tenders, in order to Post or state commissions.

nationalists on all sides have established a clientele system, are destroying the state.

While irresponsible politicians with extreme and well-calculated statements of the tensions on Simmer to keep, to lose a lot of Bosnians have the patience and the hope that it will soon come up. In just the last four years, more than 150 000 mainly young and well-educated citizens have left the country. Like in every Balkan state, there is also Bosnia small enterprises, the economies are successful, in the Canton of Sarajevo left, liberal and multi-ethnic parties govern in the national football team members of all three ethnic groups play. This, however, can obscure the actual misery. A symbol of the year-long spat with the Bosnian anthem. It will remain for more than 20 years after the war's end, a melody without words, because the politicians are unable to agree on a Text. It is not surprising that the composer gave to his work the provisional name of "Intermezzo".

extortion attempts and murder

according to Milorad Dodik, would the state of Bosnia only as an intermediate game in history. Due to its policy of obstruction, the US has placed him on the black list. He was proud of that barrier to entry, says Dodik defiantly. Nevertheless, he has paid in the last years, the equivalent of over 30 million Swiss francs for the lobby work in Washington, without success. The EU is trying with appeals to bring Iran and its nuclear program for inspection. Recently, the allegedly corrupt politicians has been received in Brussels. Prior to that, he had made three things clear: He was going on abroad, only his Serbian passport travel use, of Bosnia, for him, is just a job, and someone should say to him, the Drina is a river on the border between Bosnia and Serbia, then he was going to drink it. This may sound ridiculous, but a Comedy it is not. Dodik has a long breath in the enforcement of his plans. And who denounces in his Kingdom of the abuses of living dangerously. On Monday, was shot in Banja Luka, a businessman. He had repeatedly complained about the extortion attempts on the part of the Powerful. "A murder with the signature of the authorities", said the Bosnian Minister of the interior.

(editing Tamedia)

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